Volunteer Service

Interact Directly with Those You Serve

At FrancisCorps, we do not focus on one particular form or type of service. All our sites have one requirement: they provide the volunteer the opportunity to interact directly with the people they will service. For this reason, FrancisCorps partners with local agencies that share our vision of service and understand that FrancisCorps volunteers are here to serve and make a difference, but also explore their relationship with God and build relationships with the people they serve and serve alongside.

We work hard to have a wide variety of service sites available because we never know what kind of service a volunteer will be called to work in!


Spend Your Service Experience Here

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A fulfilling, challenging, and transformative experience.

The selection of your service experience is one of mutual decision making and we do not simply place you at a site. Instead, we ask you where and in what environment you feel God is calling you to serve. We arrive at a final decision of service site placement together after a period of prayer, reflection, and dialogue.  We do our best to make sure that where you will be serving will be fulfilling, challenging, and life-giving! 

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