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Many people may say that doing a year of service is a year “off” to figure out the next step in your life.  We at FrancisCorps call it a year “on” because the service you will provide as a volunteer is good, hard work that makes an indelible mark on the community and emphasizes direct interaction with the people you will serve. It is through this challenging but rewarding service that you will receive insight and can further develop your vision for your future.

Roll into service!

As a FrancisCorps volunteer you will commit to serving 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at a partner agency in the Syracuse area. FrancisCorps has a strong relationship with a number of charitable and service organizations and offers a variety of placement sites and service experiences. Your service is important! The organizations that FrancisCorps partners with rely on the service you will provide.

The selection of your service experience is one of mutual decision making and we do not simply place you at a site. Instead we ask you where and in what environment you feel God is calling you to serve. We arrive at a final decision of service site placement together after a period of prayer, reflection, and dialogue.  We do our best to make sure that where you will be serving will be fulfilling, challenging and life giving!

You could spend your service experience as:

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