Pre-K Teaching Assistant at Catholic Charities Preschool Program

Where will I serve? A Pre-K classroom in the city of Syracuse.

Who will I serve? At-risk children and their families.

What will I do? In coordination with the lead teacher, you will be responsible for the overall planning and implementation of preschool classes each day while actively engaging with students.

What will my day look like?

  • Assist the Pre-K teacher in planning and promoting the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of students in one, 6-hour preschool class or two, 2.5 hour preschool classes each day.
  • Support the teacher to ensure that the program requirements are being carried out, including curriculum, monitoring, assessment, and reporting.
  • Establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment that ensures students are appropriately supervised at all times, including in the classroom, outdoor spaces, on field trips, and on the bus.
  • Establish positive and productive relationships with families, including attending home visits when appropriate.
  • Actively engage with students in all areas of the program. Provide positive guidance. Advance physical and intellectual experience. Actively differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.

What gifts and talents will I bring and grow in? Ability to work with and interact with children. Good interpersonal skills. Good communication skills. Ability to work in a team environment.

Follow Lucy (FC24) and Nguyen (FC25) around in a day in the life as a
Pre-K Teaching Assistant at Catholic Charities!

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