Preach the Gospel.
If necessary use words.

The FrancisCorps experience is a year of real Gospel service for young adults aged 21 to 25!

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The Experience

The FrancisCorps experience is not one of prayer, service, or community at any one given time, but an experience of prayer, service, and community at all times!

The Experience

A Typical Day of a FrancisCorps volunteer will always include four key things: service, community, prayer and a Franciscan sense of fun!

Typical Day
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Typical Day of a Volunteer

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Impact & Benefits

Spend over 1,800 hours serving the poor and the marginalized while receiving what you need to thrive, including housing, a stipend, personal support, 5 retreats, and a pilgrimage to Assisi!

Impact & Benefits

Learn more about the opportunities to share your gifts and talents with those in need!


Apply Today!

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2024-2025 program year!

For the 2025-2026 program year, we will start accepting applications in September, stay tuned!

Impact those in need today, deepen your relationship with God, and turn a year of service into a lifetime of service.

What Alumni Are Saying

I chose FrancisCorps because of its emphasis on the importance of caring for their volunteers and for those they minister to. It was clear through the retreats, communication, and support system set up through FrancisCorps that the volunteers were more than just another warm body. They are viewed as a respected, valuable, and productive part of a team and an irreplaceable part of the community.

Nina Hill – FC 18


FrancisCorps is one of the best experiences of my life! I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to young adults interested in serving God and living the Gospel.

Lauren Chacon – FC 21


It looked like a balance between work and service and community, a way to put faith into action while learning about myself and others. To be radical and live a radical Christian life.

Blake Daly – FC 17


I wanted to deepen my understanding of how service to others/ the poor could be a fundamental element of my life and career, and I found that. This led me to pursue a Master of Public Health degree which I now use to serve women and children around the world by helping to improve maternal & newborn health and broader health systems.

Caroline Johnson – FC 17


It was through FrancisCorps’ emphasis on daily, intentional interactions based around service, prayer, and community living, where I grew and stretched in order to live the Gospel in deep and meaningful ways. Today, valuing relationships, serving with joy, and discerning prayerfully are all values that I cherish.

Johanna Cajina – FC 17



A FrancisCorps
Volunteer Devotes


Directly Serving the Poor.


Praying as a Community.


On Retreat or Pilgrimage.

FrancisCorps has made and continues to make a lasting and indelible impact on the lives of our volunteers and the communities they serve.

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 hours of service and counting…
 but not a minute of it is possible without you!

Support Our Volunteers as They

  • Experience a deepening relationship with God
  • Directly serve the poor
  • Become people dedicated to service throughout life

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