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FrancisCorps continues to make a lasting and indelible impact on our volunteers and the communities they serve.

Volunteers are often reminded that for St. Francis, everything was a gift from God. Every minute a volunteer spends serving the poor, praying on retreat, or sharing a meal with their community is a gift.  For us, these gifts are made possible because someone thought that the experience was important and worth supporting. The gratitude we have for our benefactors exceeds words.  When you donate to FrancisCorps you become a companion on the journey a FrancisCorps volunteer takes and we always remember you in our prayers!  


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Directly Serving the Poor.


Praying as a Community.


On Retreat or Pilgrimage.

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Your support, no matter the size, is vital in our efforts in providing the FrancisCorps experience so these amazing young adults can serve those in need today while transforming their call from a year of service into a lifetime of service.

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