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Experience Gospel life through a year of Franciscan Service, Intentional Community and Faith Formation!

FrancisCorps 24 Commissioning Mass at Assumption Church in Syracuse

Inspired by the lives of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, FrancisCorps volunteers do not simply do a “year of service” but instead participate in an experience of Gospel living, the foundation of which is the volunteers’ relationship with God.

The service to those in need, intentional Christian community and shared life of prayer experienced over the year flows from a desire to strengthen this foundation and to see God’s presence in all people and all things.

This experience is not one of prayer, service, or community at any one given time, but an experience of prayer, service and community at all times! This integrated experience is brought to life through comprehensive and balanced Franciscan Service, Intentional Community and Faith Formation.

Franciscan Service

Saint Francis said that “at all times preach the Gospel, if necessary use words.”  The service provided by FrancisCorps volunteers is built on this idea. By directly serving our brothers and sisters in need and building relationships with them, we also build and deepen our relationship with God. It is in action that FrancisCorps volunteers become living witnesses of the Gospel for those they serve, those they serve alongside, and one another. With a variety of different service sites in the Syracuse area, volunteers commit to serving 8 hours a day, five days a week. 

Intentional Community

FrancisCorps volunteers live with five to eight other volunteers in a fully furnished house located in the Syracuse, NY neighborhood called the Northside. The community commits to sharing a meal together seven days a week, celebrating a community night each week with a FrancisCorps support person, and sharing in a community meeting weekly. 

Faith Formation

Deepening your relationship with God is at the heart of the FrancisCorps experience. Throughout the year, we will provide a comprehensive retreat and pilgrimage program specifically designed with you in mind! The community also shares in common prayer seven days a week and commits to attending Catholic Mass and participating in faith sharing weekly. The FrancisCorps Chaplain and Director also provide support through one-on-one meetings and check-ins and spiritual direction is available.

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Typical Day of a Volunteer

7:25am on a Volunteer Typical Day

7:25am: Time to hit the snooze button!

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8am on a Volunteer Typical Day

8am: Let’s prepare for the day! After some breakfast and our morning routine it’s time to head off to work!

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9am - 4:30pm on a Volunteer Typical Day
9am – 4:30pm

9am – 4:30pm: Each service site is different and requires you to serve in different ways. But regardless where that is, service with FrancisCorps emphasizes direct interaction with the people you will serve.

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5pm on a Volunteer Typical Day

5pm: When I return home, some of my community members are relaxing in the living room or porch, while others are in their rooms taking time to decompress or catching up with a friend. Some are off on a run or working out. It’s my night to cook!

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6:15pm on a Volunteer Typical Day

6:15pm: Dinner is ready! This is a special time because I get to share my day with my community members and hear about theirs, all while sharing some delicious food!

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7pm on a Volunteer Typical Day

7pm: Let’s do a quick clean up! It’s surprising how often doing dishes turns into a dance party!

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7:20pm on a Volunteer Typical Day

7:20pm: Head to prayer space to reflect on the day with my community and God.

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7:45pm on a Volunteer Typical Day

7:45pm: Free time! Go to the living room to hang out, pick up a book from the house library or go into your room for some me time!

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The Volunteer’s Impact


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Directly Serving the Poor

While serving with FrancisCorps, the work you do is necessary and impactful.  It will change the lives of others, in ways great and small, but you will be surprised by how much the experience will change you! Many people may say that doing a year of service is a year “off” to figure out the next step in your life. A year with FrancisCorps is very much a year “on”!

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Praying as a Community

In prayer, you go deeper into your relationship with God both individually and as a community, sharing the events of the day: your successes, your challenges, and the places you need help or guidance.  The impact of this time is felt in the space created for the Holy Spirit to move in you and your community, giving your strength and guidance on a daily basis.



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Retreats & Pilgrimage

Saint Francis said to his brothers “I have done what was mine to do.  May Christ teach you what is yours.”  Integrating your experiences with who you are as a person and who you feel God calling you to be is vital.  The impact of the FrancisCorps experience while on retreat and pilgrimage is felt not just in who you are today but in who you will become.

Additional Benefits & Support

Benefits Heading
  • Comfortable home to live in (with WiFi!) 
  • Help navigating the process of loan deferment
  • Medical insurance, if needed
  • No fundraising requirement
  • Monthly stipend for personal expenses
  • Transportation to and from your service site
  • Monthly community stipend for food and supplies
  • One-on-one meetings with FrancisCorps staff

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