Resident Mentor at Joseph’s House

Jenna Feeding Toddler at Joseph's House

Where will I serve? At a long-term, residential home on the Northside of Syracuse.

Who will I serve? Mothers and their babies who find themselves homeless due to a wide variety of circumstances.

What will I do? You will play a very important role in the mission of the house. A Resident Mentor agrees to serve within the house as a way to be of service to Christs’ calling in their lives. Most often you will be asked to simply help where needed, such as helping with meals or providing child care, transportation, and household chores. You will also be asked to participate in the life of the residence when invited and work toward sharing the Gospel, creating community, and serving the women, children, staff, and volunteers in the home.

What will my day look like?

Jenna Baking at Joseph's House

● Assisting as needed in all areas of our ministry 

● Keeping the operation of Joseph’s House & the well-being and safety of the mothers & children a first priority 

● Witnessing to our faith with residents as well as staff, volunteers, and benefactors

● Incorporating prayer into everyday life 

● Sharing and modeling a peaceful, calm, joy-filled presence with others 

● Willingness to be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit 

● Encouraging a sense of gratitude to all who enter our home 

● Instilling in others a sense of self-worth by modeling a positive attitude in all situations

● Embracing the sanctity of life & dignity of women of all cultures, religions and ethnicities

What gifts and talents will I bring and grow in? An interest in working with moms and their children. Ability to help instruct residents in day-to-day skills such as cooking, cleaning, reading bus schedules, and childcare.

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