RaeAnn Kirk, Volunteer at FrancisCorps


In the blink of an eye, the end of the year has approached. As I sit in my room, I attempt to reflect on my time in FrancisCorps. It dawns on me that this experience will be with me for many years to come. How do I summarize my time in FrancisCorps? Many people have…

RaeAnn Kirk, Volunteer at FrancisCorps


My typical day begins with me attempting to wake up early, but ultimately leads to hitting the snooze button many, many….many times. Whoops! Once I finally roll out of bed, I get ready for work! Most days I walk to my service site, which is the Assumption Church Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen. Once I…

RaeAnn Kirk, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Called to Be

My FrancisCorps journey began in the fall semester of my senior year in college. The big question of ‘what’s next’ was soon approaching, and so I started to seriously consider what I felt called to do. Looking back, I don’t quite remember exactly how and when, but the thought of volunteering in some shape and…

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