RaeAnn with volunteers at Assumption Food Pantry

My typical day begins with me attempting to wake up early, but ultimately leads to hitting the snooze button many, many….many times. Whoops! Once I finally roll out of bed, I get ready for work! Most days I walk to my service site, which is the Assumption Church Food Pantry & Soup Kitchen.

Once I arrive at work, I unlock and open everything up and prepare for the day ahead! After that, I start my morning by working at the pantry intake window, in which I greet, check in, and assist guests at the food pantry. Once the food pantry closes up at 11 am, I start helping prepare the area for lunch, which starts at 11:30.

We have a wonderful group of volunteers, and most days, a couple of them help distribute food during lunch. While this is happening, I usually move on to cleaning up and restocking the pantry, assisting in the kitchen, and ensuring that the volunteers at the lunch window have everything they need.

My next main task of the day is helping distribute food with another volunteer at the supper window later in the afternoon. After cleaning up and closing the soup kitchen, I head home thanks to some of the volunteers who give me a ride home! Once I get home, I take some time to relax until dinner time. Once dinner is ready, I gather with my community and enjoy a wonderful meal and great conversations. The night finishes off with community prayer and then I make my way to my room to go to sleep and prepare for the next day!

At my service site, I am blessed with the opportunity to interact and encounter many different people every day! From the volunteers to the clients, each day is a new experience and opportunity to share love and kindness, which is one of my favorite parts of service! Another high I experience is spending time, laughing, and growing together with my community members. My community is truly a blessing, and to think we were once strangers! From living life together, including the good and bad, road trips and adventures, prayer and faith, my community experience has been a gift.

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