Called to Be

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My FrancisCorps journey began in the fall semester of my senior year in college. The big question of ‘what’s next’ was soon approaching, and so I started to seriously consider what I felt called to do. Looking back, I don’t quite remember exactly how and when, but the thought of volunteering in some shape and form after college popped into my head. I still considered other options (graduate school, full time job, temporary tech jobs, etc.), but I soon became invested in committing to a volunteer opportunity and dived into the possibility of a year of service.

Not knowing where to begin, I started with the good ole’ internet. I knew I wanted the service to be connected to my Catholic faith. Therefore, when I came across the Catholic Volunteer Network, I began my search and comparison between the different volunteer opportunities out there, one of them being FrancisCorps.

By the time Christmas came around, I started submitting applications to both volunteer and job opportunities. FrancisCorps stuck out to me because of the focus on faith, service, and community. I was drawn to the possible integration of these three aspects into my daily life and knew it would be something I could learn from and apply to my whole life. Additionally, when I viewed their website, I was struck by the quote “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words,” which I now know was said by St. Francis.

However, I will be honest. FrancisCorps was not my first choice for a volunteer program. But, once I had the interview with AJ, Jenny Rose, and Friar Rick, I knew in my heart that it was where I was called to be. I am so grateful that FrancisCorps is the program I ended up joining and cannot wait to see how the year goes!

I am so excited to start my year of service with FrancisCorps, especially when I know I will be challenged and uncomfortable at times! It’s very easy to stay in our own personal ‘warm hot tub’, but I know the FrancisCorps experience will help me overcome that inclination, to step outside of my comfort zone, and to grow.

Additionally, the focus on community, faith, and service excites me, as these are areas that are important in my life. Learning to trust others, and how to lean into a community, especially at times of need is one way I wish to grow. Having a consistent and daily prayer routine, learning about Franciscan spirituality, and being inspired by my community excites me. Finally, serving others, not because I am any better, but because I am just the same, and learning how to preach the gospel at all times at my service site excites me.

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