Lucy Wilkerson, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

The Journey Ahead

It’s strange to think that I’m already writing my last reflection. I dug through the files on my laptop to find my first one, and it’s funny looking back on my expectations almost a year ago knowing now how much more this year ended up being. I started my FrancisCorps journey hoping to rekindle in…

Lucy Wilkerson, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Do Everything in Love

Every day at preschool is its own little adventure. My workday starts sometime around 7:40 am, which has been an adjustment since I have never been an early riser. I begin by making sure all the classrooms are set with supplies. As the lunch program coordinator, I also help get breakfast set up. If there’s…

Lucy Wilkerson, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Recentering Myself

My FrancisCorps journey began as all good journeys do: with a crisis. Ok, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. I was in college, working on two degrees (in physics and astronomy). On top of that, I was involved in many extracurriculars and held quite a few leadership roles. I was managing (or trying to manage) all…

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