John Riedel, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Surrender to God

A fulfilling insight that I have from this year is that to experience joy and peace in life, I must surrender many decisions to God. Upon entering the service year, I was not comfortable with making decisions that affected clients and coworkers, and I concentrated on this insecurity to a paralyzing degree. However, God spoke…

John Riedel, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

The Good Behind the Lows

My day as a FrancisCorps volunteer starts around 6:30 am, when I get up to pray, eat breakfast, and ride with Olav, Miranda, and Olav’s coworker to our service sites. I arrive at work, Catholic Charities Emergency Services around 8 am. When I arrive at work, I check my email and then review my “bible”,…

John Riedel, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Personal and Spiritual Growth

My FrancisCorps journey began early this year. I entered my last semester of college with the thought that I wanted to get a job as a forensic chemist or toxicologist. I had my list of priorities, and that career path satisfied most of them; I was looking for a stable career field with jobs near…

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