Elena Northuis, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Discovering Yourself

Participating in a service year during the COVID-19 pandemic has been eye-opening for me in many ways. This year has given me the opportunity to think about what God is calling me to and about who I am called to be. As I am sure many people have been doing, I have been taking this…

Elena Northuis, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Highs & Lows

A day in the life of a FrancisCorps volunteer involves a lot of what you would expect: work at your service site and a vibrant community life. In actuality, it is so much more. Every service site is different; I work with the Youth Program at Northside CYO, a refugee resettlement center. My days begin…

Elena Northuis, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

Growing in Faith

When I think back to the start of my journey to FrancisCorps, the first thing that comes to mind is absolute terror. In January of 2020 I had just gotten back from a semester abroad in France and had zero clue about what I would be doing after I graduated. I hadn’t taken my GREs,…

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