Allison Kasparek, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

One Gigantic Puzzle

I feel like my FrancisCorps experience has been one gigantic puzzle, and I’m a sucker for a metaphor so we’re gonna roll with it. I start with building the shell of the puzzle with the flat-edged border pieces. These pieces represent what it took to get me here to Syracuse and involved in something as…

Allison Kasparek, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

The Appreciation of the Unexpected

I generally like to wake up a little earlier for some “me” time in the mornings. I use this time to make breakfast (coffee’s an absolute MUST in my life), begin my day in prayer, exercise, reading, whatever I need to center and ready myself for the day ahead, which always looks a little different…

Allison Kasparek, Volunteer at FrancisCorps

The “We” Mentality

My FrancisCorps journey begins at the start of the winter semester of my junior year of college. One of my really good friends got together a group of students from St. Mary’s, our Newman community at the University of Michigan, to attend the SEEK 2021 conference, which was held online that year due to COVID.…

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