Where Will It Take Me?

Tristen Paraison wearing a FrancisCorps shirt

In my last quarter in college, the Newman Center at UCSD had just updated their website to include a few post-college service opportunities. One day I happened to see these programs and that’s when I first learned about FrancisCorps. Up until this point, I was unsure what my post-college plans were but when I learned about these post-college volunteering services I was immediately intrigued because I had never heard of them before. FrancisCorps stood out to me because it looked like an awesome way to continue to grow in my faith while at the same time being challenged in a way that I have never been before. In my final year of college, I became really involved at the Newman Center and I feel that it really prepared me spiritually to be receptive to the idea of committing to a year of service in the first place.

I think what excites me the most about the FC experience is that I don’t know where it will take me. Coming into this experience, I have already gone through a number of drastic changes in my life. I moved from across the country to live in a place which I have never thought I’d live, moved out of my parent’s house and lived with roommates for the first time (while being the only guy), and volunteered in a line of service which I never had before. I think that all of these factors and more will contribute to my spiritual growth in ways that I could never predict. I am not only excited to see how I will grow individually but also to how we as a FC community will evolve by the time our service comes to a close. Despite being total strangers to each other, we have grown pretty close as a community in such a short span of time and I look forward to how that will develop as the year progresses.

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