Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

What To Bring

Thanks to the generosity of our many friends and benefactors, our FrancisCorps volunteer residence is fully furnished. As for clothing and everything else, simple living is the challenge!


We have a full supply of sheets, towels and blankets. Each room has one pillow so you may want to bring along an extra. If you have a particular blanket that you are fond of feel free to bring it along as well.


For work attire, you all will mostly see “work casual” at each of your sites. Things that are acceptable are jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. Some sites, like Francis House, you will need to be on the nicer side of casual. Your best bet is to plan with this in mind and you can discuss further with your ministry sites on what is expected. You probably won’t want to wear your best clothes to work as unexpected accidents can happen especially with the populations you are serving, but make sure you bring some nice clothes as well. This can be for the weekend, Sunday Mass, special events or you might just have a Community Formal!

We are blessed with wonderful summers in Syracuse that are very warm and winters that are sometimes quite cold. Be prepared for both. You will need boots for winter. But you can always get those at DSW for pretty cheap once you are here. Same goes for winter coats.

Personal Items

Things such as shampoo, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc. are the responsibility of each individual volunteer. You will be receiving a personal stipend of $100.00 per month to help with these costs, but you might want to bring along some extra supplies if you have the room. Take mom and dad shopping one last time before you get to the house!

House and Furnishing

There is a dresser, chair, lamp, night stand and a small closet in each room. The attic and basement also can provide extra storage space.  The house has a TV/DVD.  We do have wireless internet at the house. Most placement sites also have access to the internet. If you already have a cell phone, feel free to bring it along. The house is fully furnished and you really should not need any large items.

If you plan on bringing more than two large suitcases of clothing or any large items, please check with me in advance.

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