To Live the Gospel

Jenna in Assisi, Italy

I am changed. I am changed in so many ways that I am still reflecting on how I have been changed. Committing to FrancisCorps is the biggest yes I have ever given to God, and I am still in awe that He called me to experience such an amazing adventure. In just my short time with FrancisCorps and serving at Joseph’s House for Women, I have fallen in deeper love with Franciscan spirituality, realized that Joseph deserves a lot more credit, and living a Christ-centered life is all I desire.

Serving at Joseph’s House has made me reflect on why I have a passion for service work. Joseph House centered my passion on a desire to help others as opposed to the gratification of “fixing” the hurdles in another’s life. I cannot fix anything that is not my own. I can offer a little help along the way, and this is enough. Joseph’s House too showed me the sacrificial love of motherhood, affirmed my desire to keep rooting for women, and revealed the beauty and hard work of ministry of presence. The relationships I have built with the mothers at Joseph’s House have changed my life.

FrancisCorps led me to dive deeper into my passion for service as well as discover God in new places. Through people visiting my community and leaving with a fuller heart, I have seen the impact of outwardly expressing Christ’s light. Through walking the streets of Assisi, where Francis and Clare once walked, I realized that rooting myself in God is how to keep His peace. Through advocating for myself (and listening to my community member Miranda), I learned compassionate people have boundaries. Through living in intentional community, I realized that the other side of love is reconciliation.

Above all, my year with FrancisCorps has shown me what it means to live the Gospel. Francis did not travel the world to live a life for Christ, rather he looked at where God had placed him and simply loved the people around him. I am going back to Indiana to work as a special education teacher in hopes to do what Francis did, what Jesus did—love those God has given me. I move on from Syracuse attempting to live the Gospel by my life every single day. Sifting through all I have gained, I have nothing but gratitude for this experience, all I shared it with, and all who made it possible. Thank you to the FrancisCorps staff and the mamas and staff at Joseph’s House. My biggest thank you and a piece of my heart to my community—thank you for being Christ to me.

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