Stepping Into Joseph’s Shoes

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The most consistent part of a day at Joseph’s House for Women is singing “Baby Shark” at least once (or five times) a day. No two days look the same at Joseph’s House, and there is beauty in that. I think a day at Joseph’s House can best be compared to Joseph trying to get Mary into the Inn, sometimes plans change. My day can range from playing dinosaurs with the kiddos in daycare, to preparing a room for an emergency move in, to making grilled cheese for a newly arrived mother and her child, to attending life skills with the moms, or forgetting what I was supposed to do because I started talking to a mama about life. While my tasks vary, every day I am humbled by the resiliency of mothers.    

I have learned so much from the mamas at Joseph’s House. Forming relationships with the moms, listening to their stories, and being able to be a part of their journey is such an amazing experience. I have the unique opportunity of working with women who are around my age and have come to find friendship. I have broken bread with them, cried with them, laughed with them, and celebrated with them. I am grateful they have welcomed me in. Of course, it is always hard to see a mom leave or to hear of hardships that too many women are faced with. Like Joseph though, I have the opportunity to walk with these moms even if it just be for a small way.

After finishing a day at Joseph’s House, I love to come home to my community and share a meal, pray together, and hear about one another’s day. It is crazy to think that six months ago the eight of us were strangers. They have since become my cheerleaders, my chefs, my comedic relief, and my family. Recently, God has been challenging me to live in the moment. One of the toughest components is knowing that we only have so much time together in our cute yellow house. Naturally, there are other difficult things about living in a community with eight people. Every day though I get to come home to all my pals who would get bubble tea with me at a drop of a dime, record dancing videos together, eat the banana bread that I definitely forgot to put baking soda in, or simply sit and listen. I can only imagine the joy Joseph found in the Holy Family because the family I have built through FrancisCorps has brought me just that—joy.

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