More Than a Coincidence

Photo of Nguyen Vu for his first reflection.

FrancisCorps came to me as a coincidence. I stumbled upon it while browsing the Facebook page of UCSD’s Newman Center. It was the end of my first quarter of senior year and I was trying to figure out what’s next following my graduation from university. After 18 years of schooling, I did not have the intention to begin post grad as I felt that I was not dedicating enough time for the school of life. Yet I didn’t feel ready to enter the “real world” either.

At the same time, I’ve been yearning for a purpose in life. The transition from high school to college hasn’t been easy for me as I scrambled for a discipline that I could fit in. I did not get to ask myself what I really wanted to do with my life. Academia distracted me from my quest for ultimate happiness and vocation. I would be scrambling to find the type of work that I feel called to if I were not in FrancisCorps.

FrancisCorps was truly a shot in the dark as I was the only person in my extended family to not immediately find a job or attend graduate school. I had no idea what to expect from the program. All I knew was that I love to serve others and discern God’s calling. FrancisCorps delivers these desires while allowing me to live a different life with few risks (except that I expect to find my discernment before leaving Syracuse).

It was a delight to meet the people I saw in photos and video calls in the flesh. From the moment A.J. washed all of our feet, I realized that we were about to know so much of each other, dirt and crystals included. By living in communion with the Godly fellows at FrancisCorps, I’m sure that we will help each other grow in holiness and virtues.

Yet, I also cannot mention holiness and virtues without mentioning my services in Pre-K at Academy of Pompeii. While I acknowledge that educating and taking care of young children will be very challenging, I am assured by the wisdom of my predecessor, Lucy, that I will play a big part in their lives and become their best friends. I know for sure it will be a pleasure to be a part of FrancisCorps.

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