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Jazmin with FC23

Before FrancisCorps I never thought that I would be a headteacher for middle schoolers. Along the way, I have discovered some personal and professional insights. First, I love working with people, whether one-on-one or in groups and the profession I have chosen (social work) is a good fit for me. Similarly, I have found that I am actually an extrovert, something I did not know before FrancisCorps. Third, self-care is not a choice but a necessity in service. I have found that despite being an extrovert, there is still a lot of overstimulation that can occur. My typical day can look like: planning, teaching, planning, teaching, and driving. I have found it extremely important to take small breaks in between the busyness. This can consist of driving with some of my favorite jams while running an errand or sitting in silence for a few minutes. These small things truly make a difference. In order to be present, I must be attuned to my own feelings and needs first. Fourth, I have discovered the importance of teamwork and communication. I have been blessed to work in a team that checks in on each other each week. But in between our weekly meetings, I have learned to also communicate when I need help and discovered that confrontation when done with respect and love, always opens doors for growth.

Spiritually, I have accepted and been transformed by the truth that God’s love is reckless and no amount of shortcomings can separate me from him. As John Paul II stated, “We are not the sum of our failures. We are the sum of our father’s great love for us.” I have truly seen this truth work in my life. Most recently, I have seen this in the sacrament of reconciliation. Here, I have learned that God will never be tired of me asking for forgiveness and that when I truly accept this grace, I become closer to God and receive newfound graces like peace and joy.

In many ways, each FC individual has shown me the love that God the father has. This has included but not been limited to coffee dates, warm hugs, deep conversations, encouraging notes, a genuine desire to listen, and sitting with me in times of sorrow. I am truly thankful for each member of FC23 who has helped bring me closer to God each day, helped me learn more about myself, and filled me with a joy and love that I can bring to others.

FrancisCorps has been far greater than anything I imagined. I have loved every single minute of my experience and I could not be happier to have chosen this path. I am truly grateful for our leadership who has been a true dream team and grateful to God for letting me say yes to this wonderful program. 

After my year ends, I will return to my home state of Michigan and start graduate school at Western Michigan University to complete my Master’s of Social Work (MSW) degree with a concentration in Clinical Social Work. My dream is to one day conduct bilingual counseling with both children and adults. My desires are to focus on trauma, grieving, and inner-child work healing. I hope to show a heart of compassion and an unconditional love for every client to help in the process of healing.

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