Jumping into the Unknown

Photo of Savannah Buckmaster for her first reflection. She is pictured with a butterfly on her shoulder.

My FrancisCorps journey began during my senior year of college as I began to try and figure out what I was going to be doing after graduation from George Mason. Early in the year I had applied for what I had used to believe was my dream job. While going through the interview process for that job, something did not quite sit right within me. My biggest hesitation was that I did not feel like I could continue to practice my faith fully and authentically as I served those in need. So, I began to look at many different areas where I could serve people in need, but through more of a faith-based lens. Through my many hours of scouring Google, I came upon the FrancisCorps website, which drew me in enough for me to send out an email reaching out to receive more information.

After reaching out, I began to ask God for guidance to know where He wanted to send me and how to use the gifts He had given me. FrancisCorps moved towards the back of my mind as I continued to search for other groups. I was constantly asking the question, “God, where do you want me?”. While attending SEEK23, I was struck by a conversation that encouraged me to go back to the doors I had closed for myself, and because of that, I began the application process to FrancisCorps. Through prayer, the Lord revealed to me that if I wanted to grow in the ways I had been praying for, then I needed to open my heart to moving to the frigid cold of New York and serve His people there. I knew in my heart that I needed to jump into the unknown.

I am most excited about getting to work intentionally with refugee youth at the CYO and helping them through the transition of moving to a new country. The kids that come through the doors for Welcome Academy and After School Program have so much joy, but also a lot of fears about being in America, so it is exciting to be able to walk with them in that journey. I am also excited to grow more alongside the members of the FrancisCorps 25 community. The moment I met my 7 community members, I knew that there was something special about these people I would be surrounded by. I am beyond excited about this next stage in my life seeing how the Lord works through each of us in this year.

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