God’s Greatest Gift

Kasia Kwitnieski Blog 1 wearing blue scrubs at Francis House

The goal had always been to attend medical school immediately following graduation, yet as the years of undergraduate education were coming to an end, I felt called to something different. I knew I wasn’t ready to dive into four more years of schooling and felt as if God was nudging me toward an experience that would change my perspective for the rest of my life. Through campus ministry, I was able to learn about and bear witness to the life transforming experience others had in participating in a year of service. I was instantly hooked and knew that this was the path God had been guiding me towards, but the question then became which program was the right fit for me. I had interviewed with a few programs before interviewing with FrancisCorps, but I instinctively knew from the friendliness, compassion, and love I received just in that initial interview that FrancisCorps was where I wanted to be. I knew that I would have the faith centered community I desired, the spiritual guidance and support from FrancisCorps staff, and a fun-loving environment that would foster my growth individually as well as communally.

I truly believe the saying that some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers because God so beautifully answered my prayers through FrancisCorps. For so long I had prayed and longed for a faith centered community because I believe there is no greater relationship than one centered around God where you can grow in faith together seeing and hearing God in each other. God answered my prayers with the community he gave me and I feel so blessed and excited for the opportunity to grow together with a group that feels like family for an entire year. Along with growing in community and in my faith, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work at Francis House and am continually amazed each day by the extraordinary people I get to work alongside. The compassion, care, unconditional love, and dedication to human dignity shown each day at Francis House will teach me more than I could ever learn in a classroom or from any textbook. I know the joy and fulfillment I feel each day I serve will only continue to grow and I can’t wait to see what wonders God will work in my life over this next year.

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