Finding Where I’m Meant to Be

Photo of Jess Hyde for her first reflection.

Going into my last semester of college, I was very unsure what I wanted my future to look like. I had a general plan of taking a gap year and then pursuing some sort of health professional school, but really that was the only idea that I had. As I was searching through graduate programs and waiting for something to strike me and just “feel right,” someone close to me mentioned that they were considering doing a year of service. This immediately piqued my interest, as I had no real insight into what a year of service entailed. After chatting with them for a while, I started researching different year of service programs and came across FrancisCorps.

At the same time, I was working on a project for my religion class that semester where I picked a social justice issue and did research into what the Church calls us to do for those particular situations. For my project, I was researching homelessness and had the opportunity to learn more about how we are called as Christians to treat everyone with dignity and respect and live together in community with those living on the margins.

These are all ideals that embody the purpose of FrancisCorps and ultimately what drew me to apply to join. I had finally found the thing that just “felt right” for me for my first year out of college. I am learning to appreciate living in evangelical poverty and having the opportunity each day to help those in need, while also getting to experience living in a faith-based community.

I am very excited to be serving this year as a caregiver at Francis House, a local home for the terminally ill, where I get to interact with and provide care for the residents all day long. In doing something healthcare related as well, I am able to better discern what my future might look like in the time after FrancisCorps. Just about two months in, I am already enjoying my service site very much and I am ready to see how the rest of the year goes!

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