Best Year of My Life

Olav in Assisi in front of Pax et Bonum Sign

My year with FrancisCorps was, to date, the best year of my life. Over eleven months, I made soul-deep friendships that will last a lifetime. Those friendships were able to grow so firm because we were all united in our love for God. Yes, we traveled, cooked, laughed, and lived our life together to the fullest—but I personally found the community prayer aspect of FrancisCorps to be the most impactful. Intentionally setting aside time to pray with the same seven people every day forged a connection that is hard to describe with words. The way each of my community spoke when they prayed became a familiar song that made me feel comforted and close to God. It turns out that I prefer communal prayer over individual prayer. The feeling that all those around me are devoted in worship together fills me with strength and love. I know that whatever communities I interact with in life—I will always feel closer to them and the Lord if we pray together regularly.

That desire for community leads me to my next steps in life. I joined FrancisCorps because I felt called by the Lord to serve His people directly. This year provided me with ample opportunity to help those in need while being an agent of God. Well, I still feel called to serve and be united with others in prayer. Therefore, my next year will be with another volunteer program in Wisconsin called SPIRITUS. My time will be spent hosting retreats for Catholic youth from grades two to twelve. FrancisCorps will always have my gratitude for the joyful memories and personal growth God graced me with this year. With whatever my future holds, I hope to feel just as grateful when all is said and done.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made this year possible. FrancisCorps admin, parishioners, donors, and especially my fellow volunteers—thank you for an incredible year that I will never forget. With a heavy heart full of love, goodbye FC 23. I will never forget you.

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