Beautiful Simplicity

Janet Perez Blog 1 at CYO Youth

I waited almost a complete year to begin my FrancisCorps experience. I officially committed to FrancisCorps in October 2020, and now here I am in the midst of an experience I waited so long to arrive. However, as the day came closer to arrive to Syracuse, I felt like the enemy began to fill my head with doubt. I started questioning whether or not I wanted to do FrancisCorps, questioning whether I was actually good and competent enough, and questioning whether God really wanted me to do this. But, while all these thoughts were digging in my brain, I finally just said, “enough”! I got all my stuff ready, packed, said some hard goodbyes to family and friends, and got on my plane. Being brutally honest, this was how my FrancisCorps journey began. But, let me just make it clear that I am very glad I did not listen to the enemy. 

Now, actually living out my experience, I feel so blessed that God has called me here. If I would have listened to the enemy those last couple of days leading to my departure; I would not have met seven amazing people, I would not have become part of a mission to help teen refugee immigrants, and I would not have taken such a leap of faith. 

What has made FrancisCorps so worthwhile is the fact that you truly feel like God is walking with you. I have begun to see how God works in my fellow community members. I have begun to see how God works through my fellow co-workers. I have begun to even see how God has begun to work through me. Being right here, in this very moment of my life, God has blessed me with the ability to understand and reflect on how far He has brought me. Not only that, but how far He has brought my fellow community members. Seeing all of us coming together to share this part of our lives goes to show how God’s timing is just so perfect. In summation, there is just a beautiful simplicity that excites me about the FrancisCorps experience. Nothing about it is too loud, or too quiet. Rather, everything is speaking at just the right volume. To me, service, community, and faith have all balanced each other out to create my current life. 

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