A Franciscan Community

Paige DeFreitas during a fall hike

My FrancisCorps journey began as I neared graduation from Siena College. As I reflected on my time there and the connections I made, what stood out to me the most was the Franciscan charism and the significance of community. Searching for a way to continue this life centered around prayer, community, and service led me to FrancisCorps and volunteering at Francis House. I quickly experienced just how much one volunteer can impact the entire community, both through sharing about our days at dinner every night and meeting the many wonderful volunteers at Francis House. I particularly enjoy spending time in the kitchens at Francis House where I can cook for and create a closer bond with the residents and their families. It creates a welcome and loving environment for all those who visit and really expresses the love and care of our ministry.

Something I look forward to the most in my FrancisCorps experience is the constantly growing bond we have created as people living together and sharing our faith together. I felt a strong connection with the other members of FrancisCorps from the first moments I met them, and despite all being complete strangers it immediately felt as though I had known them all my life. This bond only deepened as we learned more about each other and continued to share about our individual service sites. My favorite part of the day is sharing dinner as a community, hearing all the wonderful ways we all saw God through our work as we share stories from our day, and ending the day together in prayer. Even in the short time we have lived together I can look back to where we started and see how much we have already grown together, which excites me to consider how we will continue to grow even more as we continue centering our work and our lives around the love and faith exemplified by Saint Francis.

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