Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Volunteer Life

Retreats help us refocus

Many people say that doing a year of service is year “off” to figure out the next step in their life.  We at FrancisCorps call it is a year “on” because our volunteers are discovering the next step of their lives while doing good, hard work.  The typical day of a volunteer really depends on the ministry site where the volunteer works. That being said all volunteers are expected to work as much as possible an 8 hour day, 5 days a week.

A typical day will involve:

Discover your inner Zen

Waking up in the morning and after breakfast heading to work by bus or walking. Once at the work site they spend their time performing their work. The volunteer day includes time for lunch with other volunteers or staff. The volunteer usually heads  home in the late afternoon to join up with the FC community. Often they take time to decompress which might entail checking emails or catching up with a friend. One might take a quick nap or shower and another might jump in the dance going on in the kitchen while helping prepare dinner with another volunteer.

Lending a hand with fun!

Once dinner is ready, the FC community joins together around the table and shares the meal as well as the stories of the day.  After a delicious meal, or possibly the one that won’t be repeated, everyone does a quick cleanup and then off to the prayer space for the daily prayer.  Once the final Amen is said, the night is up for whatever the volunteers need to do.  It might be a continuation of the stories from supper or the dance that was in the kitchen, maybe a book is picked for some reading or after a long day you hear your pillow calling your name.

This could be a typical day for one volunteer but there are many different schedules so it is bound to change.  You might have to do breakfast as your meal together rather than dinner or you might have to pray in the morning rather than at night.  At first it can be a little tedious to figure out but after routine sets in, the schedule clears up.  As long as you remember the four important qualities to FC, a typical day will fall into place: Eat, Pray, Love and have Fun!


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