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FrancisCorps 15 has arrived

August 17, 2013

FC 15 getting to know each other

Our twelve new FC 15 volunteers arrived in Syracuse today for the start of a new adventure. Many were accompanied by parents and family. The ones who will serve and form community in Syracuse got a chance to unpack and settle into their rooms. The volunteers going to Costa Rica are bunking is spare rooms and on aerobeds where there is room. It’s a little tight, a little uncomfortable but a lot of fun.

The evening ended with a Syracuse tradition… our volunteers’ first experience with Dinosaurs… more specifically with Dinosaur BBQ which is a very famous food establishment in Syracuse.  Great chicken, pulled pork and corn bread. Ahh the sauce!!!

Tomorrow the festivities continue with the Commissioning Mass followed by the blessing of the Syracuse community’s house.

God bless our volunteers and their parents, families and friends.



Dinosaur BBQ






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