FrancisCorps | Syracuse, NY

FrancisCorps 14 beings their service

September 11, 2012

The FrancisCorps volunteers have begun their work at their various placement sites. After a couple of weeks of orientation all of the volunteers are in place in their respective communities either in Syracuse, NY or Moravia, Costa Rica and have begun their service.

In Syracuse, Michael Hyde is working with youth at the CYO Youth Programs, Jeanne Marie Clemmer assisting new comers to the US with CYO Refugee Resettlement and Asian Apostolate, Rachel Fedders with the youth program at Bishop Foery Foundation, Georgie Asfouri with the Dorothy Day women’s shelter and Simon Pearson at the Assumption Food Pantry feeding the poor.

In Costa Rica, Geraldo Gomez is working with children with disabilities at the Centeno Guell Centre in Guadelupe, Ellen Craven is working in the social work department of the St. Francis College, Moravia promoting social justice, Alex Vereau is caring for children of single moms at the Guarderia Custodie Angeles, Jeff Sass is working at the Albergue San Gabriel pediatric palliative care center and Glenna Knape at the Fundeso center supporting women with breast cancer.

Our volunteers are amazing young men and women who have taken up the challenge of living a little bit like St. Francis and allowing themselves to be forever changed by this experience. Please pray for them and all with whom they will minister this year.


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