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Heaven on Earth

By Isabel McCormack, FC 20

What do I say about Francis House? I have heard it described so many different ways: God’s House, Heaven on Earth, Love House, and even though those might sound like cliché’s, they all describe Francis House perfectly. As a home for people who are dying, it might seem like Francis House should be something sad and depressing, but there could be nothing further from the truth. Francis House’s mission is to surround dying people with the unconditional love of God, and I know that not only the residents, but everyone who walks into Francis House feels that.

The house is run by a few crucial teams: the volunteers, staff, and the caregivers. Volunteers keep Francis House running; they are around every single day of the year, from 8am to 10pm. They cook and clean, answer doors and phones, garden, and do maintenance work. We could not run without the dedication of all of our volunteers. Caregivers are responsible for actually caring for each resident, by bathing, feeding, adjusting, and talking to the residents and their families. The staff is the glue for both of these groups by coordinating schedules, admitting residents, fundraising, and absolutely everything in between. And believe it or not, despite the amount of coordinating that it takes to run a place that merits the name Heaven on Earth, absolutely no detail goes amiss.

I have been so fortunate in the past few months to experience how Francis House runs in all of these ways, because it gives me a better appreciation for the miracle that is going on. When I started, I worked with the volunteers and staff, filling in and assisting them when needed. In November, though, I was given the opportunity by Francis House to be trained as a Home Health Aide to be able to work also as a caregiver. I was terrified when I first started, because the residents were entrusting me with the care of their whole selves, and honestly, that’s an enormous responsibility. I’ve grown more confident in the position though, and even though it’s challenging, it’s been so amazing and fulfilling. Not to mention, because the people at Francis House are the best of the best, I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.

The work at Francis House is not quantitative, which is something that I struggled with when I started. Over time though, that has been my favorite part about Francis House. You can’t quantify the power of a smile, a kiss, or an “I love you”. I just feel so lucky that residents have let me join them during the last stages of their journey home. There really is no feeling in the world, and it is hard to put into words, but there really is no feeling in the world that compares to the sacredness of getting people ready for their final stop: Heaven.

Isabel is a Support Worker at Francis House. Visit our service sites page to learn more about Isabel’s site and others we offer. 

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