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Discovery Of Love

By Isabel McCormack, FC 20

Where am I called to go from here? Well, physically, in a few weeks, I am packing up and leaving Syracuse, leaving Francis House, and going home. I am hopefully starting a nursing program in Chicago within the next year, which is a decision I am confident in, and one that I can thank Francis House and its entire staff for helping me to see so clearly. When I think back to this year, though, I am not going to hold in high regard the moment that I made the decision to become a nurse. I am going to remember all the moments, both incredibly challenging and life-giving, that have shaped me into the person that has not only made the decision for my next step, but has also has impacted each step I will take after.

I am heartbroken to leave Francis House, and yet so ready to go on to my next adventure. I am going to take so much from Syracuse with me: the love from residents and their family members, memories from staff and volunteers who have become like family to me, the personal growth I’ve made, the many frustrations and joys both at the FrancisCorps house and my service site, and the life-changing friendships I’ve made. Each experience I’ve had this year, both large and small, has impacted me and has altered my trajectory for the path I am taking in life.

The most impactful “experience” I’ve had this year that I am going to be taking with me, and definitely the hardest to explain in a short blog post, is a new discovery of love. I have soaked up so much love and joy this year at Francis House, and reflecting on it, I know that I am called to share that love wherever I go, starting at home with my family and at school, and continuing on to my profession. I am called to a life of service, no matter where I am or in what capacity I am serving. There is a handful of people who I have met this year, or have heard about from other service sites in Syracuse, that have taught me this lesson. They live with so much love and generosity, not just doing service, but living service. Those are the people who change the world, one small community at a time. Those are the people that have inspired me, and that’s how I know where I am called to go from here. I have learned from this year that am called to be a nurse, but more than that, I have learned that I am called to be one that has a heart for service. I am called, to the best of my ability at every stage of my life, to reach out to and to generously serve both the people around me and those at the periphery.

Isabel is a Support Worker at Francis House. Visit our service sites page to learn more about Isabel’s site and others we offer. 

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