Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Taylor supports “at risk” families

February 18, 2014

Taylor Martin

Taylor Martin

Home: Zionsville, IN

Interests: Dancing, running, board games and corny jokes

Studies: St. Louis University: Political Science and International Studies

Service: Supporting “at-risk” families at Rostro de María community center in Alajuela, Costa Rica

As part of FrancisCorps, we participate in group daily prayer. This time each day allows reflection on who we are working with and how we see Christ in the actions of all those around us. One of my favorite moments when I saw God in my work involves one of the little girls in my preschool class. Rosa is a very quiet little girl who does not speak at an audible level with adults. She will sometimes converse with her fellow students but often she puts her face in her hands and whispers when speaking. During recess on Friday, the kids were playing a game that consisted of them running back and forth between the swings and me. The little girl Rosa decided every time she ran to me, that she would give me a hug. After six hugs and being tired from all the running, she sat with me. I knew this was God’s way of showing me why I was there. Rosa is beginning to feel safe around me. Rosa is a reminder for me on why I am here in Costa Rica.

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