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Simon volunteers at addiction recovery center

December 28, 2013

Simon Pearson

2nd year of FrancisCorps

Home: Duluth, MN

Interests: Poetry, music, public speaking, weight-lifting

Studies: College of St. Scholastica : Secondary Education and English

Service: Supporting men with addictions at Rostro de Jesus in Alajuela, Costa Rica


In one of the therapy sessions the men were asked to reflect on the criteria by which they select role models in life. After the therapy ended, we were waiting in line for lunch. I was miles away, daydreaming about someone, something. Bringing me back to earth was a voice, one of the men behind me in line. He told me that he would like a moment with me, and we stepped aside from the line. He began, somewhat sheepishly, to ask me, “Do you know whom I consider a great role model?”“No; who?” “When I see what you’re doing, I see the type of person that I want to be—a person who gives their time and all their efforts to make the world better. I see you as a role model, Simon.” Now it was my turn to be shy. Looking back at the situation, I thank God for putting me in the position to aid others and to offer an example—to be considered a model for behavior and life means that I am following His example as I pray to do.


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