FrancisCorps | Syracuse, NY

Serve at Emergency Services in Downtown Syracuse

March 17, 2015

Brittany (FC 16) answering the call of those in need!

Brittany (FC 16) answering the call of those in need!

Catholic Charities’ Downtown Syracuse Cathedral Emergency & Hospitality Services offers FrancisCorps volunteers the chance to assist those in acute need of shelter, food or referral to appropriate social services.  There is a food pantry that is operated out of this office and the office functions as a point of contact for people wishing to donate furniture for those in need.

As a FrancisCorps volunteer at Cathedral Emergency Services, you would work directly with those in need, developing relationships and forging community with not just those you serve but with those who serve alongside you.  You will get to interact with those in need, the social workers who care for them, the administrators who design the programs, and the individuals who make donations.  Cathedral Emergency Services provides volunteers with the opportunity to see a variety of needs and how they are addressed, whether it is through social services, Catholic Charities programming, or simply charitable donation from the public.  Cathedral Emergency Services is a great fit for a wide array of volunteers because of its variety but would be of particular interest to a volunteer with a desire for a career in social work, community organizing, or health and nutrition.

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