Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Selection process is happening

April 2, 2014

FC15 at Green Lakes State Park, NY

FC15 at Green Lakes State Park, NY

It’s not too late to apply to FrancisCorps! We are in the process of selecting our participants in FrancisCorps 16. It’s been a little bit slower than usual because of fundraising events and complications with applicants’ decision making process. That being said we have amazing candidates that are waiting to hear from us as we wrap things up. If you are considering applying for Costa Rica you need to do it NOW, before we close completely. If you are interested in Central New York, please do so quickly as we will be making choices quite soon.

Whether it’s with FrancisCorps or with other service organizations, we are so impressed by the generosity and spirit of the applicants. They are amazing people!

So… what differentiates FrancisCorps from other groups? Meals shared in common daily. Praying together every day. A strong focus on support for our volunteers.

Remember… time is running out.  Apply Now


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