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Sede Vacante: pray for the next Pope

February 28, 2013

We give thanks to God for the 8 years of pontifical ministry of Benedict XVI, Pope-Emeritus.  As of 8:00 PM Rome time the resignation took effect and there is no Bishop of Rome. The expression used is that the “See” is vacant or in latin: Sede Vacante. The “See” refers to the chair of the bishop in each diocese. The “chair” of the Diocese of Rome has no occupant which means there is no Pope.

Now the Cardinals of the Roman Church will gather for discussions and then the Cardinals eligible to vote will assemble for the conclave.

Please pray for the College of  Cardinals and for the whole Church as we seek the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to elect a Vicar of Peter, Vicar of Christ who will show us the path of service and of love.

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