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Saint Clare of Assisi

August 10, 2012

Saint Clare of Assisi

Happy Feastday of St. Clare of Assisi

St. Clare, together with St. Francis of Assisi were the founders of what was then just a band of brothers and sisters living the Gospel and is now a movement of over a million people that includes Friars, Nuns, Brothers and Sisters and lay Secular Franciscans.
FrancisCorps holds Clare as an important role model for our volunteers. She and Francis had a deep and loving relationship while being faithful to their own calling. They were strong and dynamic, yet gentle with those who were weak. They were deeply Catholic but also knew how to call the Church to renewal. Above all they were both deeply committed to serving Christ in the poor and forgotten.
We wish you all a great day that perhaps will include a bit of time reflecting on Clare of Assisi. Check out and especially remember our dear sisters the Poor Clare Nuns in Chesterfield, NJ who are very much our prayer partners in the FrancisCorps adventure!

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