Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults | Syracuse, New York

Philly Fairs, Finally

November 4, 2012

While probably the last of the 22 fairs FrancisCorps will be attending this year, these are certainly not the least.
Jordan Differding (FC 12) will be attending the Long Term Service Fair at Lasalle University on Nov 6 from 12-2pm in the Dunleavy Room. Later that day Jordan will be at St Joseph University for their fair from 5-7pm. St. Joseph is where we recruited this year’s Gerardo Gomez (FC 14).
On Nov 7 FrancisCorps will be at Villanova University for the Post Grad Volunteer fair from 7-9pm.
Come to these fairs, meet Jordan and find out what FrancisCorps did for him and how it can be an amazing experience for you through a year of service and life in community.

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