Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults | Syracuse, New York

One of the best experiences of my life

January 20, 2014

Volunteers discussing their reflections

That’s how one of the volunteers in FC15 described the Re-Orientation Retreat. This ReO experience comes half way during the FrancisCorps year and is a time for the volunteers to dig deeper into their experience. The first day of the retreat involves reading small stories from the life of Saint Francis that capture the essence of his spirituality. The participants then have a chance to see how those same themes apply to their own lives. On the second day the volunteers share their own “story” from their experience thus far and using a reflection process and the insights of their community members they begin to uncover how God is working in their lives and calling them to growth. It’s a pretty intense experience filled with thoughtful reflection, tears and lots of laughter too! What an amazing experience. On the third day of the retreat we “bring it all home” with a review of the current goals and objectives of the community and how, in light of our reflection, these need to be updated and revised.

The support of community is key

The ReO is only one of 6 retreat experiences offered by FrancisCorps. There is the two-week orientation at the start of the year. This is followed by 4 weekend retreats in October (reflecting on Community), in January (reflecting on Service), in Lent (reflecting on Prayer) in May (reflecting on being Called & Sent) and finally the Transition retreat where we bring closure to the this first part of the FrancisCorps experience. It’s the first part because in fact after the actual year of service & community the relationships forged in FrancisCorps continue to grow. We are part of a family that always keeps growing and loving.

 Learn more on how the FrancisCorps experience is different and can help you have an amazing year of service. Email or call Friar Rick at 315-706-8260 for more information

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