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Mairead comforts the dying

January 11, 2014

Mairead Rauch

Home: Fulton, NY

Interests: Plants, religion and the history of Central New York

Studies: Syracuse University-Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering

Service: Serving the dying at Francis House in Syracuse, NY

Mairead Rauch FC15 at Francis House


After he’d settled in and his family had gone home, “Al” found himself a bit lonely. So, the caregivers asked me to play cards with him. I’m pretty terrible at card games, but “Al” helped me along and as we played, he told me about his family and his life. Eventually, he set the cards aside and just started talking, saying that he was the luckiest guy in the world. It didn’t matter that he was dying. He saw the gifts God had given him and he was grateful. He died a few days later. I consider it a privilege that I got to spend that time with him. “Al” and others like him have taught me and continue to teach me about what it is to be truly present to another. With all the distractions and deadlines that we live with, I thank God for leading me to FrancisCorps and letting me experience a true ministry of presence.

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