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February 29, 2016

Johanna (FC 17) swings into action!

Johanna (FC 17) swinging into action!

FrancisCorps volunteers reflect deeply on the experiences they are having in service and in community.   In this reflection, Johanna realizes reminders of what she is learning about social justice are all around her everyday.

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Johanna is spending her FrancisCorps experience serving at Al Nino con Carino.  Al Nino Con Carino serves young school girls who live in situations of poverty as well as other social risks. The children come to live at this home during weekdays while going to a local school for classes. Here they get help with homework and live in a clean, safe and loving environment. On weekends the children return to their families.

As a FrancisCorps volunteer at Nino Con Carino, Johanna participates in all facets of life at the center.  She helps prepare meals, do laundry, tutor the girls, and provide love and support for not just the children, but the sisters who run the program and her co-workers.  Nino Con Carino is truly a place of caring community building.  All that is required of a volunteer to succeed at Nino Con Carino is a compassionate heart and a dedication to being a role model for young “at-risk” girls.  This site would be an especially good fit for a volunteer who is intersted in education, social work, psychology or helping children in general.

If you are interested in applying to FrancisCorps, visit our application page.  Our deadline is March 15th!

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