Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Looking at the bigger picture…

February 25, 2016

Erin (FC 17) playing some cards and spreading some joy!

Erin (FC 17) spreading joy and playing cards!

FrancisCorps volunteers reflect deeply on the experiences they are having in service and in community.   In this reflection, Erin examines how she has come to realize her year of service with FrancisCorps is not only about impacting the lives of others, but is about changing her life as well.

Read Erin’s Reflection

Erin is spending her FrancisCorps experience serving at Hogar el Buen Samaritano.  This homeless shelter provides care for the homeless men in the Alajuela community.  Hogar el Buen Samaritano provides short term and long term shelter as well as meals and basic needs such as showers and cloths to so many in need.

The FrancisCorps volunteer helps out with the daily operation of the shelter and is relied upon to meet a variety of needs.  This site can tailor itself to the interests and skills of each particular volunteer as the needs vary widely.  Some activities the volunteer can participate in is organization of donations and their distribution, social work related activities such as helping manage individual cases, help with trips and outings, preparation of meals, and day to day operational needs.  This ministry site is better suited for a volunteer who is eager to take on responsibilities, participate in a “ministry of presence”, and has a strong interest in really building strong relationships with those that they serve.  No specific background is required but would be of special interest to volunteers interested in social work as well as homeless and poverty issues.

If you are interested in applying to FrancisCorps, visit our application page.  Our deadline is March 15th!

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