Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Location & Placement Sites

Syracuse, New York

Welcome Home!

The volunteer house is located in the Syracuse, NY neighborhood called the Northside.  You’ll live in a cozy and fully furnished house consisting of 8 bedrooms (you’ll get your own room!), two bathrooms, a dining room, communal living space, a prayer space, a kitchen, basement with washer and dryer, and an upstairs porch.  The house is located within an about 10-15 minute drive to all service sites and downtown.  The house is also about a 5 minute drive to the Franciscan Church of the Assumption, the parish where you will be a member.

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Syracuse has a population of about 145,000 people and at times it can seem a little rough around the edges as the presence of poverty is great but it offers many opportunities to the local community.  The community is rich as it holds strong to its roots from the past as well as embracing the new, as Syracuse has become a major hub for refugee resettlement.  Syracuse also has a “young adult” vibe as one of its main support systems is Syracuse University.  From catching a SU basketball game on University Hill, a bite to eat in Armory Square or a concert at The Westcott Theater, these are just a few ways to explore the perks of Syracuse.

Enjoy the Fall beauty of CNY

If you were to leave Syracuse, you might find yourself in the beautiful region of the Finger Lakes or taking in the fresh air of the Adirondack Mountains. A couple hours down the road you could find yourself drenched by the water of Niagara Falls or checking out the Gorges of Ithaca.  Syracuse is also located centrally between Toronto, Montréal, Boston and New York City if a longer community excursion is desired.

Service and Placement Sites

Many people may say that doing a year of service is a year “off” to figure out the next step in your life.  We at FrancisCorps call it is a year “on” because the service you will provide as a volunteer is good, hard work that makes an indelible mark on the community and emphasizes direct interaction with the people you will serve. It is through this challenging but rewarding service that you will receive insight and can further develop your vision for your future.

What spinach can do for you!

As a FrancisCorps volunteer you will commit to serving 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at a partner agency in the Syracuse area. FrancisCorps has a strong relationship with a number of charitable and service organizations and offers a variety of placement sites and service experiences. Your service is important! The organizations that FrancisCorps partners with rely on the service you will provide.

The selection of your service experience is one of mutual decision making and we do not simply place you at a site. Instead we ask you where and in what environment you feel God is calling you to serve. We arrive at a final decision of service site placement together after a period of prayer, reflection, and dialogue.  We do our best make sure that where you will be serving will be fulfilling, challenging and life giving!

You could spend your service experience as:

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