Catholic Franciscan Volunteer Service Experience for Post-Graduate Young Adults| Costa Rica & New York

Lauren sees God in children’s faces

March 17, 2014

Lauren Melaugh with LydiethLauren Melaugh

Home: Medfield, MA

Interests: Running and painting

Studies: Stonehilll College: International Studies , Art History and Business

Service: Mentoring Teen Moms and children at Posada de Belén in Alajuela, Costa Rica

Sabrina is a curious and charismatic three-year-old girl. Each day proves to be a little more interesting with Sabrina’s clever antics, especially when she pretends that she suddenly needs to sleep each time we are leaving the playground just so that she can enjoy more time in the sun. This typically thirty second walk back to the classroom turns into a twenty minute adventure as she becomes distracted by jumping on the crinkled leaves and starting conversations with all who pass by her. While she makes each day more challenging, each day is filled with many more laughs, goodbye hugs, and hilarious stories to share with my community thanks to Sabrina. Her thoughtful and playful personality makes it impossible to be angry with her, just as God’s love for us is powerful and unwavering. The unconditional love of God is intangible and incomprehensible, but I am lucky to see it every day in Sabrina’s face.

You to can share in the FrancisCorps experience. Applications for August 2014 are now welcome!

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