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Josselin mentors refugee kids

December 20, 2013

Josselin Garibo

Home: Dallas, TX

Interests: Dancing, painting, photography and intramural sports

Studies: University of Texas at Dallas- Psychology and Child Learning and Development

Service: Mentoring refugee children at Northside Catholic Youth Organization in Syracuse, NY

There is one little girl who came to the states about the same time that I moved to Syracuse and at the beginning of the program she knew almost no English. A conversation between the two of us was a game of charades. Even though she didn’t know the language or even knew me, right away she would hug me and come in with a big smile when she came in the classroom. It was amazing to know that you could connect with someone without actually speaking the same language. It is hard working with children when they do not listen and are running around and sometimes it feels like it’s way too much. But at the end of the day the bad things are instantly washed away when one of the kids gives you a hug or a loving smile. It is not in the easy things that you find your strength but in the rough and bumpy rides. Knowing that these children and their family had to flee from their country has made me thank God even more about the life that I have.

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