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Join us in a Year of Service!

March 8, 2016

We Want You Ad

FrancisCorps needs young men and women to answer the call to serve and we think that might just be you!  Why not apply to join a community for a year dedicated to serving in the way of St. Francis?  Our deadline is March 15th so apply today!

To apply you’ll need:

A Completed Online Application

3 Completed Online Personal References

1 Completed Online Spiritual Reference

A Completed Health Form

A copy of your official transcript

How to apply:

1.     Fill out the online application.

2.     Send your personal and spiritual references the appropriate links.

3.     Schedule to have the health form filled out by your health care provider.

4.     Request your school send us an official transcript.

Questions?  Concerns?:

Have a question about the application?  Having trouble getting something completed and submitted by March 15th?  Stick with it!  Don’t get discouraged, just let us know!  We are here to work with you, help throughout the process, and answer any questions you may have.  Contact AJ LaPoint at or call (315) 426-0481 and check out our Apply Now page for even more information!

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