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iPads for kids. Do it !

November 26, 2012

Do something useful for Advent! There is something really useful you can do besides the shopping frenzy… right from the comfort of your home!

Help us get iPads into the hands of school kids in Maryland and in our St. Francis school in Costa Rica so that they can learn English/Spanish from one another. It’s win/win. You can vote everyday at this site. It’s easy and will make a world of difference. The school in Maryland is St.Francis International in Silver Spring

Thanks to Matt Aujero (Franciscorps 12) for organizing this.

The link below gets you to the site. You have to register quickly and then you are set to go. You can also vote by texting. The is one of the times that the old saying is correct: vote early and vote OFTEN! 🙂


Friar Rick

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