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Ideas for Lent

February 12, 2013

Ash Wednesday is almost here and most of us are thinking of things we can do or give up for Lent. There are the pillars of Lent which include Prayer, Fasting and Charity. We can all think of the classics that are tried and true like fasting from chocolate, or giving up desserts.  Praying more, and especially praying the Way of the Cross is really good. Did you know that the Way of the Cross or “The Stations” is a Franciscan devotion that developed out of a sense of justice and equality for all people. Before then, a person had to travel all the way to the Holy Land to receive the special graces and blessings such a visit could obtain. The Franciscan felt this was unjust for those who could not afford it. Thus they developed a way for people to go to Franciscan churches that had the same stations of the cross in Jerusalem mounted on the walls of the church. The people then could obtain the same blessings and graces without having to go broke! Pretty neat, eh!

Anyways… sometimes we need to freshen up our Lenten practices and try something new. So… here are some ideas that you can use and also share with your family, community or parish. Have a great Lent!

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