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Will I have health insurance?

If you need health insurance, it will be provided by your service site. However, many volunteers elect to maintain their health insurance through their families. 

Volunteers can apply for a deferment of their student loans. This does not eliminate the loan, but rather postpones the payment. Depending on the provider, loans can be deferred for doing volunteer work or even more simply for reason of economic hardship. If requested, FrancisCorps can write a letter stating your participation in the program, the program dates, and the amount of money you earn per month.

There is no fundraising requirement. The day-to-day living expenses, including a small personal stipend are provided by FrancisCorps. Retreats, training and the Pilgrimage to Assisi are all paid for by FrancisCorps. Our volunteers are responsible for any personal travel for holidays and for their arrival to Syracuse at the start of their year of service.

A year of service is hardly a year “off”.  It’s hard work and pretty intense. In some ways it may not appear directly in line with your long term plan but it may just be what you need! A year of service can fine-tune a person’s career interest, focus their academic inquiry, it can give one needed maturity and it certainly builds character, virtues and personal strength. Many employers and graduate schools look favorably on a person who has given back to the community in a year of service.

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