FrancisCorps | Syracuse, NY

Where will I serve?

August 14, 2020

The selection of where your service experience will take place is one of mutual decision making and we do not simply place you at a site. Instead we ask you where and in what environment you feel God is calling you to serve. Your preferences in terms of service sites are considered as well as what we heard from you in the interview and the interests of the other volunteers you will be serving with. Consideration and conversation regarding your service site placement begins with the application and we arrive at a final decision of service site placement together after a period of prayer, reflection, and dialogue.  We do our best to make sure that where you will be serving will be fulfilling, challenging and life giving!

The collaborative nature of this process requires both you and us to remain open to the Holy Spirit. Our preference is to finalize service site placements in the Spring in order to consider where each community member is feeling called, however, decisions on service site placements may occur earlier or later in the process depending on your needs, the needs of FrancisCorps or the needs of the service sites.

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