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Goodbye Jordan

July 31, 2013

Jordan Differding

It seems like we’ve been saying Goodbye to Jordan for a while now! First it was as when we thanked Jordan for his year of service along with the rest of his FC 12 Costa Rica community who served in Costa Rica. Then after a year as full-time Assistant Director Jordan began full-time studies and worked part-time for FrancisCorps. This “part-time” role did not diminish Jordan’s dedication and commitment to serving our volunteers and those who were considering a year of service. Well, yesterday was the ¬†last day of Jordan’s contract position with FrancisCorps. It’s time to say Goodbye.

Thanks Jordan for your invaluable assistance in providing a smooth transition of leadership. Thanks for helping us forge a new future for FrancisCorps, especially in Costa Rica. Thanks for recruiting, forming and supporting FC 13 and FC14 and helping recruit FC15.  Thanks especially for keeping Friar Rick sane through it all!

Our best wishes go with you as you begin your graduate studies in Speech-Language Pathology at Loyola University, Maryland. So goodbye Jordan. But just to be clear, Jordan has already warned us that it won’t be so easy to get rid of him. We are probably going to now have a very active alum on our hands!

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